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    Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced triathlete, our training will get you to the finish line

  • Running

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    Group training for road races emphasizing good technique and injury prevention as we ramp up the volume

  • Bootcamps

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    Enjoy the beautiful outdoors while our coaches help you build core strength and increase your metabolism

  • Kids

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    Our Kid Power programs provide a safe, fun way for kids to get involved in the fastest growing youth sport in the U.S.

Kid Power Triathlon FAQs

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If you don’t see what you need here, please contact us.

What is the refund and transfer policy?

No refunds or transfers are permitted. If your registered child is not able to participate in the event, written requests for registration deferrals will be accepted until 10 days prior to the event. A credit for a future Kid Power Triathlon, less a $25 processing fee, will be emailed to you. Credits will not be given less than 10 days prior to the event for which you have registered.

What is the USAT Age-Up rule? Can my child compete in another division?

In accordance with USA Triathlon (USAT) rules, an athlete’s official race age is his/her age on December 31 the year of the event. So for example, if your child is 5 years old on July 28th 2013 , but he or she will turn 6 at some point this year, the his/her race age is 6 for a 2013 event.

 What equipment does my child need to participate in a triathlon?


  • Swim Cap – this will be provided in your race packet and must be worn during the race
  • Goggles – suggest you bring 2 pair to the race site in case there is a problem with one
  • Swim Suit – one piece or two piece, but something that is comfortable to swim laps in


  • Safe bicycle (time trial bikes and bikes with aero bars are not allowed in youth races)
  • Helmet (must be ANSI approved)
  • Shirt – Boys may not race shirtless. Girls may race in swimsuit.
  • Cycling shoes (optional, used for bikes with clipless pedals), or comfortable shoes to run and bike in.  No sandals or flip flops.
  • Water bottle (optional)
  • Bike race number (provided in race packet)


  • Running Shoes
  • Race number, pinned to shirt or on race belt (run race number will be provided in race packet)
  • Hat (optional)

 Will the race be timed?

Yes. Each child will be wearing a bar coded race number in the run portion of the race, which will be used to record their total race time at the finish line. Results will be posted online after the event. Each child who participates will receive a finisher’s medal when they cross the finish line.

 Are parents allowed to help their children in the transition area?

Parents are allowed to assist their children with setup prior to the start of the race. Once the race has begun, only race volunteers, race staff, and participating athletes will be allowed in the transition area. There will be plenty of volunteers on hand to assist your child in transition if needed.

 How does the pool swim start work?

The race will follow a ‘wave start’, which simply means that participants will be grouped according to age, and will start one ‘wave’ after another accordingly. The event will start with the oldest participants (ages 13-14) first and youngest swimmers going last.

Swimmers will line up two swimmers per lane, utilizing all lanes of the pool. Timers will start each wave, 3-5 minutes after the last swimmer in the previous wave has completed their swim. Volunteers will be at each lane to make sure that swimmers are counting their laps correctly. Actual wave start times will be published a few days before the event, and will depend on how many swimmers are registered in each age group.

 Do I have to pick up the race packet the day before the race?

No.  If it’s convenient for you to get to the race site, we encourage you to pick up your child’s packet on Saturday to simplify what you’ll need to do on race morning.  You can certainly pick up your packet on Sunday morning, but please be sure to allow plenty of time to wait in line and get your child all set up and ready to start at his/her assigned start time.

 How does the transition from swim to bike to run work?

Check out this great video where one of our young first timers demonstrates how to get in and out of the transition area quickly;

 What should I do with all the numbers in my race packet?

You’ll get three numbers in your race packet;

1. A small adhesive number – stick this on the front of your helmet

2. A folding number with holes at each corner – this fastens to the frame of your bike with the twisty ties provided.  Attach it to the top tube, so that race officials can see it while you’re riding.

3. A square number with a tear tag at the bottom – this is your run number.  You can wear it when you bike, but you only need it for the run portion of the race.  If you have an elastic race belt, attach the number to your belt and clip it around your waist before you head out on the run.  If you don’t have a race belt, attach the number to the FRONT of your shirt, tri suit, or swimsuit with safety pins.  Make sure your number is visible as you head into the finish line.