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    Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced triathlete, our training will get you to the finish line

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    Group training for road races emphasizing good technique and injury prevention as we ramp up the volume

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    Enjoy the beautiful outdoors while our coaches help you build core strength and increase your metabolism

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    Our Kid Power programs provide a safe, fun way for kids to get involved in the fastest growing youth sport in the U.S.

Flower Power Tri Series FAQs

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If you don’t see what you need here, please contact us.

What do I need for the swim?

A swimsuit or tri-suit, and goggles. Swim caps will be provided in your race packet.

 What kind of a bike do I need for this race?

Any bike in good, safe working condition will do. You can ride a high end road bike, a mountain bike, a hybrid, ….. you get the picture. While a road bike is probably going to be the lightest and fastest way to get through the course, it isn’t required and since this is a beginner friendly race we assure you that you won’t be the only athlete on the course that isn’t on a road bike.

 Do I have to wear a helmet?

That’s an emphatic ‘YES’. All athletes must wear ANSI approved helmets for the bike segment of the race. The helmet must be securely fastened the entire time you’re on your bike. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification.

 Will there be race day registration?

No race day registration. If the event is not sold out the day before the race, in person registration will be available at packet pickup on Saturday 7/27.

 Do I have to pick up my race packet the day before the race?

No. If you aren’t able to pick up your packet on Saturday, race packets will also be available race morning at the race site. We recommend picking up your race packet the day before the race to simplify your race morning, particularly with the early start time of this event. If you’re picking up your packet race morning, we suggest that you give yourself 90 minutes to park, get your packet, set up your gear in the transition area, and get yourself to the pool ready to start your swim. If you picked up your packet the day before the race and you already have your numbers on your bike, helmet, and run gear, we suggest that you get to the race site 60 minutes prior to your start time.

 What do I do with all the numbers in my race packet?

We need to be able to identify you at all stages of the race, so we’ve provided numbers for your helmet, your bike, and your run to help with that.  You will receive the following numbers in your race packet;

  • A small, adhesive number  – place this number  on the LEFT side of your bike helmet.
  • A number that folds in half  – place this number on your bike frame with the twisty ties provided.
  • A large number with holes in the corners  – this is your run number.   Attach it  to your race shirt, tri top, or to a race belt. You only need to wear this number during the run, but you may wear it for the other legs of the race as well if that’s easier for you.

 How do I know where to rack my bike and place my transition items?

The transition area will be set up with enough bike rack space for all participants. Racks will not be designated by race number, so placing your bike in transition is first come, first serve. Once you find a place for your bike, rack it by the seat, and place your other belongings on the ground directly under your bike. Please be mindful of the fact that there is limited space in the transition area for athlete’s gear, so bring only clothing and equipment needed for your race.

 I’m racing with a team. Can we all rack our bikes together?

We’re delighted to have our local tri clubs and teams participate in our race, so we’re happy to accommodate you in the transition area if possible. Please have your club president send us an email in advance of the race and we’ll do our best to designate a bike rack for your club.

 Do I have to get body marked?

Yes. We need to be able to identify you by your race number in all segments of the race, so all participants will get body marked prior to the start of the race. Plenty of volunteers will be in the transition area race morning ready to write your numbers on your arms and legs.

 How does the 400 yd pool swim work?

The swim will consist of 16 lengths of a 25yd pool, in a snake swim format. Based on the estimated 100 yd swim time you provide at registration, swimmers will enter the water one after another (from fastest to slowest), in lane 16 of the pool. Each swimmer will swim 25 yds across the pool, then swim under the lane line into the next lane for the return 25 yds. This pattern will be repeated until the swimmer has covered 16 lengths of the pool for the 400 yd distance.  

 Is the bike a closed course?

The bike ride will NOT be a closed course. Safety was a priority when designing the course, which winds through low traffic residential and county roads. All intersections with cross traffic will be monitored by police officers and volunteers, so that cyclists have the right of way.  Since you will be sharing the road with vehicles, it is important that cyclists stay to the right through the entire bike course. USA Triathlon competitive rules for cycling apply.

 Is the run on roads or on trails?

The run is a scenic out and back 2.5 mile run on a dirt fire road. The course is relatively flat.